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Flow-Thru Washers and Flow-Thru Wash and Rinse

A.R.E. is proud to introduce the complete line of Flow-Thru Washers. Through research and development, A.R.E. has been producing the most effective in-line wash system in the marketplace, handling all types of workloads - from electrical parts, transmissions, CV's to complete engines.

This line-up offers the rebuilder the opportunity to stray away from batch-type washing processes. Why spend time loading and unloading when the answer is so easy - A.R.E.

A.R.E. Flow-Thru systems are available with several optional packages, including:

  • Rinse Cycles
  • Automatic Sludge Removal
  • In-Line Filtration
  • Automatic Bottom Purge
  • Gas or Electric Heat
  • Forced Air Blow-Off
  • Compressed Air Blow-Off
  • Automatic Fill

All A.R.E. Flow-Thru Systems are complete with easy to clean and sludge removal capabilities, making the A.R.E. Flow-Thru Systems the most user-friendly machines available.

Installation and setup also are available. Service, probably the most over-looked product by our competitors, is not so at A.R.E.

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